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HTS-735-II Fluxless Aluminum Brazing Rod

HTS-735-II Fluxless Aluminum Brazing Rod

* Simple * Versatile * Portable * No Flux *
* Low Temperature * Stores Indefinitely *
* Any Heat Source *

The HTS-735-II is the “second generation” Fluxless Aluminum Brazing Rod. These low-heat 18 inch brazing rod repairs most nonferrous metals. You can Weld Aluminum with a Propane Torch.

You can easily repair Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Pot Metal and Magnesium. HTS-735-II will join all aluminum alloys, including those that are not successfully joined by high temperature brazing. When drawn over heated aluminum, HTS-735 II penetrates the aluminum oxide affecting a chemical bond that is stronger than the original commercial aluminum. Results are unquestionable. The repairs are stronger than new.

Unlike the first generation rods still sold today on other sites, HTS-735-11 does not require special stainless steel cleaning brushes. This patented new technology product penetrates past impurities which may be impossible for the competitors products.

Save hundreds of dollars by repairing broken…
Aluminum Boats – Skegs – Propellers – Engine Heads – Motor Housings – Farm and Dairy Equipment – Irrigation Pipe – Copper Plumbing – Blocks and Crankcases – Gears – Pumps – Radiators – Antiques & Collector Cars – Refrigeration Equipment – HVAC-Chainsaws

The electrical potential between HTS -735 II and aluminum is so slight that electrochemical corrosion is not a problem. The HTS-735-II joints will last permanently in normal environments and have lasted 10 years longer in severe conditions. Contact Us today for more information.


Weld Aluminum with a Propane Torch

Aluminum Propeller Repair

Aluminum Thread Repair

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