Introduction to HTS-735-11 Fluxless Aluminum Brazing Rod

 HTS-735-11 Blog is for general discussion and questions regarding the Second Generation Fluxless Aluminum Brazing Rod HTS-735-11 which came out in 1996, is sold exclusively by Pro Marketing Services LLC from our website  Made in the USA.  Anything else is something else.

The person that came up with it owned a auto repair garage and was using some similar type rods for AC line repairs but was having a very difficult time getting it to work on the dirty aluminum because the first generation rod contains aluminum.  He and others came up with the idea that removing the aluminum would help solve this issue. A couple years later HTS-735-11 with no aluminum and containing 9 different metals came into existence.

 So what does HTS-735-11 stand for? HTS is short for HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH, 735 is the melting point, and 11 means second generation.  What is second generation advantage? No aluminum in HTS-735-11 as in similar rods that are still available, why is that important? Well aluminum is a difficult metal to work with, and is becoming more and more popular due to new different alloys coming out, its’ light weight and strength.  To weld or braze aluminum is must be very clean and special gases and welding equipment is required. All aluminum tells you is it is too late as there is no color change with temperature change, so it just melts and falls away without much warning for those with no training and skills.

 HTS-735-11 melts 500 degrees below the melting point of aluminum (500 degrees before it is too late) giving the average person a great advantage. No aluminum in HTS-735-11 means there is not an aluminum to aluminum bond to worry about so you do not need special gasses or equipment to repair or join aluminum parts.  Also HTS-735-11 will works on less than perfectly clean aluminum and on all aluminum alloys,  plus most non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, magnesium, and cast aluminum. Videos can be seen on youtube search HTS-735-11 on youtube. No flux is needed.

So now the average can save time and money by doing their own repairs or build things using aluminum, all that is needed is a torch that can heat the aluminum to 735 degrees. Propane may not be hot enough for large or thick aluminum parts.  There is Mapp Gas, Oxygen Acetylene, and different torch tips available.

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