HTS-735-11 is NOT Sold on Amazon or Ebay

HTS-735-11 is Only is available from Don’t be fooled! . If you search for HTS-735-11 please read the fine print and specifications. There are several red flags like melting temperature in Celsius not Fahrenheit, and listing several products other than HTS-735-11. Don’t be fooled! We do not sell HTS-735-11 from any other site other . HTS-735-11 is made here in the USA. “The most expensive rod you can buy is the rod that does not work”.

1 thought on “HTS-735-11 is NOT Sold on Amazon or Ebay”

  1. It is true, you cannot get HTS-735-11 from any site other than It is NOT sold at Harbor Freight, Ebay, Walmart, or Amazon. Read the specifications when shopping. One source states low temperature, but when you look at the specification the temperature given is 647 degrees but in Celsius NOT Fahrenheit. Turns out 647C equals 1196.6F. Aluminum melts around 1221 degrees. That is only 24 degrees different. HTS-735-11 melts around 500 degrees below the 1221 melting point of aluminum. Also the rod I referenced contains flux. HTS-735-11 does not need flux, and contains NO aluminum which makes this second generation rod very easy for anyone to use. So when you shop around be careful, reputable companies are perhaps unknowing selling a product that will not work like HTS-735-11 or not work at all. HTS-735-11 is made here in the USA and works just like shown the the youtube videos. Search HTS-735-11 on youtube.

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