Pontoon Boat & Aluminum Boat Repair

If you own an aluminum boat, or a pontoon boat HTS-735-11 is a must to have in your tool kit.

This ever happen to you, you get some well deserved time off, you decide take the family fishing or maybe it is duck hunting. The pontoon boat hits a rock or a wave that opens a leak. The trip is over before you planned. But if you had HTS-735-11 in your tool kit you can make a permanent repair quickly and save the trip.

 HTS-735-11 will give you the ability to make repairs on the spot. All you need is a torch, a wire brush, and HTS-735-11 Fluxless Aluminum Brazing Rod. Because it is fluxless it stores indefinitely no special storage required. Also it is easy to use anyone can repair aluminum with HTS-735-11. The fishing or hunting trip is not over because of a hole, leak or even a chipped aluminum boat prop.

Save time and hundreds of dollars by making repairs yourself. No more hunting, waiting and paying for a aluminum welder

  1. Clean the oxidation from the area with a wire brush (it does NOT need to be stainless any brush will workHTS-735-11 is the second generation rod it contains no aluminum so it works well on contaminated aluminum that other rods cannot touch.
  2. Heat with torch until the aluminum is hot enough to melt the HTS-735-11 Rod, repair the spot. The HTS-735-11 melts 500 degrees below the melting point of aluminum. HTS-735-11 melts at 735 degrees F. aluminum melts at around 1220 degrees F.
  3. Let the repair slow cool naturally and go back to enjoying you trip.

The HTS-735-11 Rod has 40,000 PSI tensile strength 31,000 shear strength making HTS-735-11 many times stronger and harder than the aluminum you are repairing. We can show you how to make repairs or construct using aluminum just visit our youtube channel Youtube.com/c/aluminum-weld  If you need additional information just give us a call and we will happily assist you

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