Brazing Rod FAQ

HTS-735 II Fluxless Brazing Rod is a minimum of 8 times the strength of the metals you are repairing.

Yes you can, always make sure you have the torch adjusted to a clean burning flame. A rosebud tip is recommended.

No not at all. The rod was designed so that the average user would find it very easy to use. If you find you are having trouble please reference our instructions page or contact us and we will try to help you out.

Start with a clean area, tin the entire inside of the hole. Now clamp a piece of steel to the backside of the hole. Once the hole has been tinned you can work right in the flame with the rod you are merely adding rod to the existing rod and this can be done at 700°. When the hole is full allow to cool and machine until smooth. Also to save the rod, try cutting a patch for the inside of the hole.

No. HTS-735 II Fluxless Brazing Rod will not bond with stainless steel.

Please reference our instructions page or contact us and we will try to help you out. The first thing to make certain of is this: DO NOT PUT THE ROD IN THE FLAME. Heat the metal and melt the rod with the metal, not the flame. This seems to be the most common first time mistake.

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